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bbq platter with brisket, sausage, bread, and sausage

Homestyle Barbecue in Concord, NH




Our smoked pork ribs are dusted with our custom Smokeshow rub and then smoked for hours, low and slow. The result is a tender and delicious pork rib experience.

smoked barbecue pork ribs



The star of Smokeshow! A 12-hour, slow-smoked beef brisket, trimmed and sliced to perfection. I spent a decade in Texas learning about proper smoking, trimming, and slicing techniques to give you a little piece of Texas right here in NH.

slow-smoked barbecue brisket

Pork Loin


Our pork loin is a smoked, center-cut pork loin dusted with Smokeshow Rub. It's a pork chop without the bones!

smoked center-cut pork loin

Pulled Pork


Slow-smoked Boston Butt. Pulled and sautéd with our sweet and tangy Pork Love sauce. Hints of apple and oak.

slow-smoked barbecue pulled pork



We offer three different sausages: Jalapeño Cheddar (a spicy beef and pork sausage that we have shipped to us from Texas) • Hill Country (a mild peppered beef and pork sausage also shipped up from Texas), • Andouille (a spicy Cajun sausage).

variety of bbq sausage



Goodness is our signature brisket, chopped up with a bit of turkey and a bit of pork loin. We sauté it in our 603 sauce to make a delicious trio of flavors. We recommend getting it on a FinnJack Frito Pie!

chopped brisket, turkey, and pork loin



A Smokeshow Classic. Our smoked turkey breast has a rosemary and garlic wet rub that, combined with oak smoke, leaves a delightful taste in your mouth. Try it; you won't be disappointed!

smoked bbq chicken

Chicken Wings



barbecue chicken wings

1/2 Chicken

$12 Each


half barbecue chicken


Texas Caviar

$3 Half Pint

cowboy crack: corn, beans, peppers, shallots

Also known as "Cowboy Crack" in the south, we take kernel corn, black beans, some red peppers, shallots, cilantro, and lime juice to make this refreshing side. Try it with corn chips... Mmmmmm! GF

Mac N Cheese*

$5 Pint

mac and cheese

Our Mac n Cheese is made to order and combines a pinch of garlic and pepper into a cheese sauce that's mixed generously with fresh macaroni noodles. It's all Finn eats!

Potato Salad

$9 Quart

dill and pickle potato salad

If you like dill and pickles, you will love our fresh tater salad. We take cooked taters, add dill, mayo, mustard, and pickles. Folks, it's a BBQ staple. GF

Baked Beans

$9 Quart

baked barbecue beans

We take pork and beans, throw in some more pork, a few other tasty ingredients, and then smoke the beans. Smoke 'em if ya got 'em! GF

Cole Slaw

$9 Quart

cole slaw

Shredded cabbage, carrots, and more cabbage. Throw in some mayo, Dijon for tang, a little celery seed, and a touch of sugar. Goes great with pulled pork or Goodness sandwiches. GF

Jack'd Up Mashers

$9 Quart

jack'd up mashers: loaded mashed potatoes

At a young age, Jack became a mashed potato connoisseur. "Dad, can you add cheese and sour cream to mine?" And there you have it: Jack'd Up Mashers! GF

Collard Greens

$9 Quart

collard greens

One of our resident Texans, Sam, brought us this slightly spicy taste of the South. Bacon, jalapeño powder, and well-boiled collard greens. GF

Cream Corn*

$9 Quart

creamed corn

Straight out of Texas, sweet and savory homemade cream corn that's hard to stop eating.

Brisket Chili

$4 Half Pint
$8 Full Pint
$15 Quart

Smokeshow brisket chili

Texas style with no beans, lots of meat, and a little heat. How can you go wrong? Ask for cheese and sour cream for the best results.

Spicy White Chicken Chili

$4 Half Pint
$8 Full Pint
$15 Quart

spicy white chicken chili

Spicy white chicken chili with pinto beans, green chilies, cream cheese, and a kick of our famous jalapeño powder. Sooooo good. Currently, my excuse for being overweight.


Scrumptious meat of your choice piled high on a bun. Insert in mouth: chomp, chomp, chomp! Sorry, can't make a sandwich with ribs or chops.

$7 Each

$9 Brisket

Pulled Pork

Pork Loin

Jalapeño Sausage

Hill Country Sausage


Andouille Sausage

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